Early in the morning, 18th March, we left Yangon by plane for Bagan, where we've arrived after an hour and half. The first visit was Nyaung Oo marketplace.

Market in Bagan   A little girl with blond faces   Textile is the main commodity that is being sold

Bagan is an ancient religious centre and it is located in the dry central plains of the country, on the eastern bank of the Irrawaddy River, 145 kilometres Southwest of Mandalay. The golden age begins with the reign of king Bamar Anawrahta in 1044, called by the population the first Burmese reign. At that time the number of the religious monuments was 13.000 built in 250 years. Today, only 5.000 monuments left, some of them seriously damaged by the earthquake in 1975. Until 1990 in the old Bagan zone was present an old village. After, it was moved because of the creation of the archaeological zone.

Shwezigon Pagoda is located on the eastern bank of the Irrawaddy River (the new name is Ayeyarwady) and it's one of the oldest in Bagan. It was the prototype for almost all the next pagodas in Burma.

Shwezigon pagoda   Characteristic towers   Entrance to the Shwezigon Pagoda   A moment of family vacation

On the pictures under part there is a pagoda in stone we loved particulary, very old but well conserved and surrounded by many palmes and flowers which present a nice view of it. Unfortunately, I can't remember pagoda's name.

The old pagoda was built with bricks   West facade   Flowers in the yard

Htilominlo temple is one of the biggest in Bagan. Inside you can find four Buddha's statues on the inferior floar and the superior, even if the stairs are closed.

Temple of Htilominlo   Buddha covered with gold   The day was tense   Two lateral niches

Ananda is one of the most beautiful temples, the biggest and best conserved of all Bagan. Inside, there are four golden statues of 9,5 metres with the Buddha erect. Going through the court barefoot was a nice experience because of the high temperature.

Ananda is one of the best preserved temples   An unusual sculpture of Buddha in a standing attitude   Numerous corridors in the temple
Outside view   One figure at the entrance

From one of the pagodas we've visited (I can't remember the name) and the one where you can climb upstairs, you can see a magic view of the monuments zone.

Photo through a window   Pagode in green   Slender design
Panoramic view of Bagana   Detail of the dome

The lanch of that day was served in a restaurant on the bank of the Irrawaddy river. In this period of the year there are few precipitations, reason why the water wasn't so high, actually the water was very very low. During the rain period the level grows around 6 metres. Our lunch was accompanied by a traditional music performed by two musicians and a singer.

Lunch on the river coast   River Irrawaddy   The musicians were entertaining us during the meal

After lunch we've visited a workshop where Burmese produce objects in varnish (this is tipical). This is work with many steps that require a particular patience and preciseness: reason why the workers are women and girls, ideal for this type of job.

Burmese Lake Workshop   Exposed items in the showcase

Before the dinner, we've admired the sundown by climbing Tayok pagoda which offer an extraordinary view.

Tayok pagoda   Sunset

Second day in Bagan

The second day in Bagan, 19th, in the morning and in the early afternoon we had a ballon flight and then we've visited Monte Popa. These two happening have dedicated pages.

From the return of Monte Popa, we went for a ride in boat in the river to appreciate also the sunset.

  Worn river boats   We went to the river   Ships need to be maintained   The two of us, satisfied   There are also fishermen   Before the dawn

The dinner that evening was in the restaurant called "Nando", in centre of the town, few kilometres far from our hotel, where we saw a traditional Burmese show with puppets. Actually, the show was parformed by actors that leaded puppets…they were really great (you can see them on the scene with puppets), there was also a little orchestra responsable for the music on the scene. The show was in parallel with our dinner and I remember I eat my dish cold, because I was occupied by the show.

  Musicians in action   Puppets   Those who manage puppets   Audience liked it   Actors are among the audience

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