In balloon above Bagan

The second day in Bagan, 19th, early in the morning with sun rising, we went for an excursion in balloon. That was our first balloon flight ever and we were excited. Altogether there was 3 balloons with 8 passengers each. The view from balloon, with first ray of light, the morning fog and Irrawaddy river far away, was simply magic.

With a fan you begin to swell the balloon   Hot air balloon is finally erected, ready for boarding   Look at the other two balloons
We're flying   Our pilot David   Burner on

The highest height that we reached was more or less 450 metres. Our pilot David, an Englishman working from many years in Burma, scared us flying, sometimes, very low, under the height of monuments and trees.

  Irrawaddy River   The morning was with mist   A group of temples beneath us   Above a temple   The first traces of the morning sun are visible   One of the most beautiful pagodas   Panorama of Bagan from balloon   Our companions are far away   We are about ten meters from the ground   One of the most impressive buildings   Countless small pagodas

Under these lines you can watch a little movie of our flight; 54 sec., in AVI format (640 x 480).

Video clip of the fly

The landing is the most complicated and dangerous operation, for this reason, David asked all of us, before and during the flight, to exercise us for a safe landing. The landing was great, very soft and at the destination point an excellent breakfast (fruit and champagne) was waiting for us, to toasting for the successful work. Every one received the certificate of their participation.

We landed   Here is the party   A toast to the pilot

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