Lake Inle

25th we arrived at the Inle lake, an incredible place where all the life is on the water, as in ancient times, centuries ago. Lake Inle is one of the main turis destinations in Burma. The lake is long 22 kilometres and wide about 11 kilometres. The south zone of the lake is not accessible to tourists because of the presence of warriors Shan, that combat against Burma's government, and the security isn't guaranteed. In this period the water is rather low, so lot of structures that are normally in the water, were on the land.

Before we've reached lake Inle, we stopped at a monastery for little Buddhist monks. The little monks are great soccer ardent follower and it was a great pleasure for me to find out they support the same team as me: Milan.

  The wooden monastery built on stilts   Little priests   Daily flow of life   Milan fans

When we reached the lake, we've changed our usually car with a motor boat, long and narrow one, very fast and noisy, too. After about one hour, we arrived in the restaurant for the lunch. In the front we had Phaung Daw Oo Paya, pagoda that had been reconstructed in the place of the older one, that was burn away. The characteristic of this pagoda is that there are no Buddha's statues, as in the other pagodas, but five abstract golden figures. It's forbidden to women to approach the altar.

  The boat with which we will visit the lake   Inle Lake   Fisherman of the fish   The first fish dinner on the lake   Pagoda Phaung Daw Oo Paya

After the lunch we've continued our tour and we've visted villages, and few factories where the local population produce silks from the lotto flowers (rather expensive, because 4 working days are needed to produce one meter of linen), cigarettes and articles in iron.

  Lakeside roads   Traditional aquatic buildings   Pagoda on a small island   Silk weaving   Lotus flower wire   Birthday party   Forge   A moment of serenity   Production of cigarettes   A kind of boat station

In the afternoon, we arrived in the hotel, that obviously was on the water. Before dinner we had a break at the terrace of our bungalow and we venerated the sunset. The bungalow was beautiful, all in wood with the traditional construction of this area. I stretched out on the bed and enjoyed the already low sun, which was slowly sinking towards the west. The play of colours and shadows of the setting sun was indescribably beautiful. We had dinner in the practically empty restaurant of the hotel and then went back to our bungalow. I started to feel bad. I was cold, sweating a lot and often had to go to the bathroom. We quickly came to the conclusion about the reason for my condition: all symptoms indicated that I had sunburn. During the boat ride I was constantly in the sun, and then I also sunbathed on the terrace. Three aspirins solved the problem. The night was hard, but in the morning I felt relatively good. The next day I left my usual summer t-shirts and put on a long-sleeved white shirt, to protect myself better from the sun.

Terrace of our apartment   Sunset from the terrace

The day after, it was 26th, our first destination was a big marketplace, Shwe Inn Thein. During the trip we had a little incident with our boat: the water in some canals was very low, so we was stranded. We stepped out the boat, we pushed it, and we continued the navigation. Near the marketplace is an old group of pagodas, that we took a look from a near hill.

We were stranded - I had to push the boat   Two guys on a buffalo   The river buffalo   A shiver   An abandoned pagoda on which a tree grew

That day, the lunch was served in an Italian restaurant. First, I ordered pizza, nothing to do: they had no pizza that day. I tried to have pasta "carbonara": no deal. At the end I took a simply plate of pasta with tomato sauce. The pasta and the sauce were local products, not imported from Italy, and were really good, especially after days and days that we have eaten only rice.
That afternoon we saw long neck women and a workshop that produce silver jewellery. We visited a monastery where the monks trained black cats to jump through the rings, but we didn't see the show. The local population have complained that the monastery became some kind of "circus" and that the monks earned too much money from tourists.

  The Italian restaurant on Lake Inle   Giraffe women with long elongated metal rings   Rings for stretching the neck   Trade on the river   Silver rods   Silver watermark   Tourists that visiting the place

Before we've returned to the hotel, we made a drive among famous floating gardens. One of the main attraction of the Inle lake are men that row with one lag.

Floating gardens   Reflections in water   Tomatoes grow from water
Boating with one leg can only be seen on Inle Lake   Flower looks at us

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