23th March, early in the morning we reached a little port next to Mandalay and we went on a huge motor boat for a ride in the Irrawaddy river. During the journey to Mingun, our destination point, was organized also a retail of usual objects: bracelets, chains, and T-shirts.
In Mingun port there is a beautiful white pagoda, Settawya Paya, where you can find an imprint of Budhha's foot.

  Let us rejoice   On the boat   The settlement on the banks of the river   We like the race   There is a small souvenir market   View from the river   Contrast of colors

On the east bank of Irrawaddy river there is Mingun, an ancient royal city dominated by Pa Hto Daw Gyi pagoda, or Mingun Paya, unfinished pagoda. It's a pagoda wanted by king Bodawpaya, but after his death the construction has been interrupted: it would be the biggest pagoda of the world if it would be finish. During centuries, the pagoda was seriously damaged by earthquakes (the biggest one was in 1839). A curtain formed by pagoda was used to build a staircase, so, always berefoot, you can reach the top from where you can have a nice view.
Not far there is Mya Thein Tan pagoda, completely white and very beautiful (you can find it on the Lonely Planet's cover). Before getting to Mya Thein Tan (you arrive there by foot, after a 5 minutes walk), we stopped to see the biggest hut of the world even now hung and functioning: it has a diameter of 5 meters and it's heavy 90 tons.

  Pagoda Pa Hto Daw Gyi   Mingun Paya, unfinished pagoda   Panoramic environment   Two elephants guarding the temple   The world's largest bell   Two oxen pull a wagon   White pagoda   Posing

The day was very hot and climbing to Pa Hto Daw Gyi wasn't easy, reason why we stooped in a bar along the way, for a cold beer. There was also Chi Chi with her fan. Along the way you can find many galleries with local artist's paintings, very appreciated even by dogs, as you can see on the picture.

Chichi cools me with a fan   The dog who loved the paintings

After midday, we've returned to Mandalay.

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