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Since we returned from Burma we stayed in touch via e-mails with our Myanmar's guide Luigi and the both side sympathy of the first days became after a while, a friendship. In the last year and a half Luigi (for the friends Gigi) get married and also had his first child, Luca. Congratulations! For those people who would like to have an experience similar to one we had with in Burma, here is a propose for the tour (depart on January 2011) organized by Gigi. A little bit richer than the tour we had a couple of years ago, here you can find a detailed description of program.
  • Day 1 Arrival in Yangon. Visit of the city and Shwedagon's pagoda, the biggest in the world. Sleep over at Kandawkyi Palace Hotel.
  • Day 2 Yangon – Kyaihtiyoo (the golden rock). Departure for the golden rock around 7 a.m. 4 hours by bus to reach the rock. You take a track to get on the mountain (30 minutes) than you continue by foot (30 minutes). Sleep over at Mountain Top Hotel.
  • Day 3 Kyaihtiyoo – Yangon. Departure for Yangon around 8 a.m. with one stop in the Pago city. Sleep over at Kandawkyi Palace Hotel.
  • Day 4 Yangon – Kyainton. Departure to Kyainton with plane around 8 a.m. Time of the flight: 3 hours. Visit to the city. Sleep over at Princess Hotel.
  • Day 5 Kyainton trekking. The first trekking on the hill where you can see four different ethnies in the same day. The bus will take you at the beginning of the mountain where you will continue for the next 6 hours doing trekking. The lunch will be served on the hill in the house of the village's leader. Continuing by trekking through the other villages. Sleep over at the same hotel.
  • Day 6 Kyainton trekking. The second trekking on the hill at the east side of Kyainton where you can see four villages. As the first day, you go at the beginning of the mountain by bus and than you continue walking for the next 6 hours. Lunch box.
  • Day 7 Kyainton-Mandalay Around 1 p.m. departure with plane for Mandalay. If we arrive at Mandalay early we will see the sunset over the Mandalay's hill. Sleep over at Sedona Hotel.
  • Day 8 Mandalay. Site seeing of the city. Mandalay is the second city of Myanmar according the size and it's also the city of handcrafts. In the morning you will visit Buddha who is growing up (Mahamyamuni Buddha), the workshops of gold, steel, the gold monastery, the biggest book in the world. After lunch you will take a local boat to Mingun (one hour of navigation). We are going to visit the biggest bell in the world and the il cumulo di mattoni biggest in the world (rests of a huge pagoda). The way back will be characterized by watching a beautiful sunset from the boat.
  • Day 9 Mandalay. We are going to visit the headquarter with workshops of marble. Another visit to the monastery during the monk's breakfast, around 10.15 a.m. Continuing visiting with the bridge U Bin, teck's bridge the longest in the world. In the afternoon we are going to visit Inwa, the capital of the XV century and Sagain where you will see 2000 monasteries.
  • Day 10 Mandalay-Pagan. Around 7 a.m. depart in the boat toward Pagan (8 hours of navigation). If there is a time, after the arrival we are going on a temple to watch the dusk over 2000 temples and stupas. Sleep over at Pagan Hotel.
  • Day 11 Pagan. Pagan is the biggest archeological zone of Myanmar. We are going to visit the local market and continuing by visiting the most important monuments.
  • Day 12 Pagan. We are going to visit the second group of stupas and the most particular village in the zone. In the afternoon, the possibility of going around with bike. The dinner will be accompanied with the show of puppet.
  • Day 13 Pagan – Kalaw. Around 6.30 depart to Kalaw by bus (8 hours). Arrival at the destination at 5 p.m. Admiring the view over the hills and sleep over and the dinner at Hilltop Hotel.
  • Day 14 Kalaw – Lake Inle At 8 a.m. depart for the grotta Pintaya where you can admire 8000 stupas and Buddha's statues and workshop of flower paper. Continuing on the same road to Lake Inle. During the trip visit to the PaOo's village.
  • Day 15 Lake Inle. Staying on the boat for the all day. Visit to the typical market of the lake, the most important pagoda, textile's workshops (silk and lotus), silver and Indain where you will see 1000 collapse stupas. On the way back visit a typical village and the monastery characterized by the jumping cats.
  • Day 16 Inle – Yangon. Depart from the lake Inle at 10 a.m., arrival in Yangon after an hour flight. The evening on your own.
  • Day 17 Depart for Italy In the morning visit Scott's market and site seeing. Transport to the airport and departure for Italy.

The price depends on the number of participants:

  • 2 participants: 4000 USD (2000 per pax)
  • 4 participants: 7600 USD (1900 per pax)
The price includes:
  • hotel rooms (4 or 5 star hotels)
  • all the transports in Myanmar (planes, cars, boats)
  • taxes of the archeological zones
  • the local guide during the tour
Not included in the price:
  • food and drinks
  • personal shopping

For the further informations, contact directly Gigi, in English or in Italian, on this e-mail:

At the end here are some personal considerations. The price of the tour is in the American dollars which are used also in Myanmar. Actually the American dollar is weak and the price is 1500 euros per person, if the participants of the tour are two. I would say that the price is really good. If you are interested for the tour you can search on Internet for the flights and you can find good prices (1000 euros per person). Including plane tickets the total price will be 2500 euros per person and it's not a lot of money considering the quality and the beauty of the tour, a luxury one with the local guide and also the personal driver. You should also take in consideration the price of the food in Myanmar, around 5 – 6 dollars per person in the restaurants for foreigners, so with a 500 euros extra in two you will have really an extraordinary experience including also beautiful souvenirs.

Here is an idea how to go in Myanmar for free! When I was in Yangon, in the Scott's market I bought to my wife a golden ring, with a big ruby and 10 small brillants. I bought it in an official place, to avoid fakes and to have the bill for the eventual control on the airport (no airport control that time); all this was reasons why the price I paid was bigger than in the other places, about 200 dollars. The ring is really beautiful and cheap. When we returned home my wife went to a jeweller to have a real value of the ring and the real value of her ring was between 4 and 5 thousand euros. So, if you want to go in Myanmar for free, buy the ring and once you've back in your country, go to the jeweller and sell it at half price, you will pay back the entire price of the journey.

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