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A stupa in the antique zone of Bagan There are different mode to travel all over the world. You can take an airplane, a ship or sit into your car and go to see nice places, towns, natural beauties and meet new people, know their life style, culture and habits. But with today's technology, you can switch your computer, monitor and your modem, and visit practically all the world without moving from your home. Of course, it is nicer see it directly, by yourself, but we work hardly, our free time is very limited, and our earnings normally aren't very high, so make a virtual travel is a perfect solution.

The first country that I want to suggest you is Kenya, were I spend my holidays a year before than Burma. Africa is a cradle of humanity, where the evolution made born the man, and when you come there, this sentiment is largely diffused. The land and the people seem to be one, to live together in harmony and peace, al least this happened out of big cities where the civilization and globalization changed the face of the nature and the people. So, to know better this fantastic continent we choose to undertake a photo safari during the first week of our stay, and the other week we rest in one touristic structure on the see, under the hot sun of equator. If you visit Kenya Safari you can read about our stay, and admire hundreds of photos of wild animals, breathtaking landscapes and famous Maasai people, that we met during our excursion in different national parks. Probably, the most beautiful travel I ever done.

Let's change the theme. The web is full of interesting sites where one can have even a great fun. One of my preferred is filled of great and rather original Jokes, the major part of them I never heard. You will immediately notice the author of the site isn't of English mother language, but the material collected (probably traduced from another language) is worth of a visit and reading, and the most important think, that make laugh. There is a section called games, but has nothing to do with games, that I appreciated a lot. There are a particular puzzle that seems very simply, has only 5 pieces, but in reality isn't so. The other one is stupid, but very, very fun; try to resolve it (however, there are solutions).

At the end of the street a stupa is visible   Htilominlo seen from distance   Tree in the foreground   Hundreds of pagodas in front of my lens   How can it stand?   Last photo on departure

Nine years after the birth of this place I felt the necessity to update the interface. In the meanwhile the technology made big steps. The people today use mobile devices with small screen and my creation was designed for normal PC monitor. It became obsolete! So I adapted the look, but I should sacrifice some photos from the pages that were crowded with graphic material. So, some of them are finished here. I hope that I will receive much more traffic from tablets and smartphones.

But the net isn't only entertainment. We can find great information about various things, and sometimes well-organized knowledge sites from we can learn much things. Having this site, I can tell that I'm a little webmaster, so from time to time I'm trying to improve it and specially to let my site know to more people possible. So I must do some kind of site promotion to let me find by internauts. On PageRank for webmaster I found a great quantity of useful info that I applied, but unfortunately without a big success. It's obviously my fault, because I maintain it sporadically, and in that mode it isn't possibly to reach great results.

We were sealed off   We're flying very low   Near the river   The interior of the skyscraper   The altar in the pagoda   Pagoda in a market area

Ten years ago we have undertaken this trip. The decades pass quickly, isn't it? Fortunately I did this site and now, after all this years, I can still enjoy it in a virtual mode. I admit, it's not the same thing but however is a pleasure. From time to time, my wife says: "Let's go back in Burma! I would like very much to see Luigi again". We hear him few times a year via e-mail or Facebook. He had a rather hard life in the meantime. A lot of changes in Burmese society happened. Old military regime gone away and new political leader is on the scene. They have had some liberties that they haven't had before, like almost free access to Internet, but much things go worst then before. The special problem is that the prices growth strongly, but the salaries remained unchanged. He has had 2 child, a daughter, and a son, but his wife passed away. Really tragic life, but Luigi still going strong. His children give him the power to proceed. He is an excellent father. On the other hand there are so many places we weren't see that at the end of story, we always chose some other destination. Sooner or later...

A long period are passed from my travel when I discovered that one of the person I met there have opened one personal web log. He is a great drinker so it wasn't a surprise for me that his creation is called Big Bung. Click on https://bigbung.wordpress.com/ to discover what is his vision of the ambient that encircle us. Maybe you love it, or not, but at least the slogan, a big bung is needed to close great leaks, is a really prodigious invention.

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