Yangon at the arrival

From the airport we moved toward our hotel and the first place where we stopped was pagoda with Buddha sculpted of only one piece of alabaster. This is the biggest Buddha statue of the world sculpted from only one piece of rock. As you can see from the picture, in pagodas you enter only bearfoot and it's very confortable to wear flip-flop or stuff like this, because you can easy take them off and leave it in front of the entry of pagoda. Sometimes the ground, warmed-up by the tropical sun, is really hot.

Barefoot, for the first time   The world's largest sculpture made of jade   I do not like to be photographed!

Our next destination was a pagoda with three white elephants. Two of them were really white, while the third one was more grey then white. The elephants live under an open pagoda and they are tie with a chain on the rear. Unfortunately, in that place is forbidden making photos, reason why I have not photo proofs.

In the inside of the town, on the natural lake called Kandawgyi, there is a golden pagoda Karaweik, having a form of a boat with two garuda (a bird riding by hindu god Vishnu, as the legend told). In the pagoda there is a restaurant where every night you can admire a show of the traditional dance with buffet, which we've visited in another occasion, when we back in Yangon.

  Ship shaped pagoda   Goldmine objects are very common in Myanmar   A detail of two golden swans   Looking for a shade

Shwedagon Pagoda is a symbol of the Yangon city and it's especially visited by local congregation. Every day different ceremonies are celebrated which change because of the local calendar. The thing I loved even more then pagoda was the behavior of the Burmese in this sacral place.
We've visited it in the late afternoon so we managed to see a beautiful dusk, reflexed on the golden cupola of pagoda. Tourists were only few and the atmosphere was very spiritual, with many Burmese praying and meditating.

Shwedagon Pagoda   The vast majority of Myanmarians are Buddhists   Renovation of a part of one temple
To the sky   Panorama with palm trees   At twilight

Before the dinner in the hotel, we went on the chinese marketplace in the city, very picturesquely, funny and full of flavours. I was very tired because of the journey and because of the all day, reason why I didn't make any photo.

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