Yangon at departure

We arrived in Yangon, it was 28th, for the dinner time and we went to the restaurant "Sandy's Myanmar Cuisine", on Kandawgyi lake. It was the best traditional food that we ate in Burma, and the view from the terrace was very nice. The difference respect other dishes we eat in this journey seemed to be the rice, much better then other places because much more expensive, while in other restaurant want to spare, as explained by our guide Luigi.

Lake Kandawgyi   View from the terrace of the restaurant

That afternoon we've walked in the city. We visited a big marketplace Bogyoke, called "Scot Market" during the British domination. A souvenir from such an important journey is a must, but also a gift to my wife. Burmese gems are famous all over the world, therefore a beautiful ring with a ruby was there. We were a little scared to buy something as we were told there may be problems with customs. Obviously, my wife had to choose something she liked, and that's not an easy thing. There were dozens of shops. The offer was huge, but the jewelry design was a bit classic, a bit out of date. After an hour, perhaps even more, she managed to find an acceptable ring. A must question to Luigi, our guide: can we trust that the gems are real? He reassured us. The price was 250 dollars. I asked for a receipt so that I could prove it to customs. The receipt was for 50 dollars only. Luigi told us that it is a normal queue, that business is done like this here and in the end we trusted him. The problems did not arise and everything went smoothly. In Milan we went to a jewelry store where they confirmed that the gem and gold were authentic and that the price we paid was very, very profitable.

Out of market, on the street I had to take photo of an old Mazda 1200, from 1970, the car on which I learned to drive, in the far 1977.

Croed in the Scot Market   Exposed jewelry   Red Mazda 1200 from 1977   One Yangon Street   Old English building from colonial times   Facade of the building where the municipality is located   Yangon view from our hotel room

That night, our last night in Burma, we finally entered in Karaweik, to see the show with traditional Burmese's dances and marionettes. Our sensation was that the show was a little bit too much for turists: dancers weren't very inspired. The entered price included lunch from well supplied self-service restaurant.

A shared photo with the protagonists of the spectacle   Burmese costumes   Traditional dance   They could not miss puppets

The last day, 29th, before we left for the airport, we've found half an hour to visit the catholic cathedral St. Mary, projected by one Holland and made in 1899. The weather was beautiful, sunny but not too warm, as for all duration of our vacation.

Catholic Cathedral St. Mary   View of the side facade in the bricks   The interior of the Gothic cathedral

At 11:00 A.M. we arrived at the airport, we said hello to our guide Luigi, and we bordered in the plane. We started our long way back home.
Bye, bye Burma. You will always remain in our hearts!

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